Cool blue skies and delicious air this morning, a bunch of challenge(read fun) hungry designers team up to tackle Ozchi 2016! Why OCD? Because duh, we love design. We make sure our work is perfect and the best, the best, the best. Yes we are awesome 😉

IMG_9379 (2)

Priyank, who has been devouring research papers and references, but now eating breakfast; is the official mimicry artist and a natural entertainer.
Is that why he’s in the team? Thought so.


Our team’s (only)female human Akriti, dancer at heart and a friend unparalleled. As of now she’s beside me and full of energy, keeping us awake and motivated. So I’d rather not make fun of her.


Krishanpal(KP) here right now is feeling all sad and missing his lady love. He’s a versatile musician, master designer and a great teacher; basically a Swiss army knife, pretending to be good at everything. (Owww! It was a joke, dude)


Introducing Sanjeet(play random music). Habitual bad joke maker, drama artist and a perpetual Punjabi song player.
Current status: Imagined hangover.
Character trait: Avid womanizer.
Breaking news: His crush is in another team.. awww.
I feel you bro.


And this is me, Mohit. The novice designer, blog keeper, poetry writer and karate master. I live on good food and good books. Pizza is my life force, and poetry my one true love. Current favourite poet: Charles Bukowski ❤

For now I’ll suffice with making fun of these eggheads.
Will be back with more crazy updates!
Stay tuned people, have a great weekend!


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