Finishing up and Goodbyes

I am out of words. Not because I’m tired AF but because the 24 hours spent with OzCHI were damn exhilarating! Ideating, conceptualizing, brainstorming, nap-taking, snacks-eating and again working.
The last few hours were totally crazy! Sleep deprivation turned us all into zombies. Zombies gulping Coca-Cola and munching on Lays, trying to stay awake and make sense of the Virtual Reality they were in. There were some glitches, the paper format kept troubling us, people kept bugging us, and sleep constantly seducing us.

But by 5:30 am IST(10 am AEST) we completed the challenge, uploaded the video and posted our submission. And that was so satisfying it was almost orgasmic! Like a virtual orgasm. (okay I’ll stop making bad VR jokes)
And then we all crashed in our rooms; which is why I’m posting this now; to thank the guys at OzCHI for coming up with such great concepts, my team members(for taking me in :P) and conjuring  up amazing ideas and brilliant jokes. All you guys were amazing!

Something about the competition- The mini challenges were really helpful in helping us decide what we wanted to do and more importantly what we shouldn’t do. After the first half, we were on the right track, the final concept slowly crystallizing in our minds and forming on the white boards and sticky notes. The last 5 hours were the most hectic and the most crucial in my opinion. Many teams had come up with really innovative solutions for the mini-challenges, we congratulate all of them too;(have to). This was a great learning opportunity, we hope to be back again next year equipped with better skills and badder puns.

Till then, take care and godspeed. Eat well, read books, make jokes and be happy 🙂

Signing off, this is Mohit Vamsi on behalf of Team OCD. We Learn. We Play. We Design.


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